I wish I could seperate myself from my fears
to stand in front of them and see their face, their shape –
to see what they‘re made of. Their material, their origin.
Maybe I could talk to them as I talk to you.
I could become their friend. Maybe we could be friends.
I could understand them and maybe this would be a reason for them to leave.
Like a bubble, that disappears when you dare to come closer; to touch it.
Maybe we have to be our fears friend to make them leave.
There is no opposite of fear.
Fear ties.
And either you are tied up or not.
Maybe the unboundedness is something like freedom,
something like lightness, peace, calmness –
It’s all in your head, you can not touch it, you have to defeat it.
Fear is a treacherous thing. It is only withiin yourself, created by yourself.
If you want to fight it, you have to fight against yourself in some way.
And when you free yourself from it, you kind of free yourself from yourself.


Text & Video: Sarah Eckardt

Das neueste aus der Rubrik Noise’n’style